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An open air mall with various restaurants to satisfy every taste only five minutes walk from
the hotel.

Nema Bay

Nema Bay

A very pleasant pedestrian area by the beaches of many hotels with restaurants and cafeterias all along: The regular hotel shuttle bus takes you there in a pleasant drive in 10 minutes.

Nema Bay
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Ras Mohammed

A world known natural reserve 26  km from the city of Sharm El Sheikh.



Overlooking the Red Sea in a spectacular location 80 Km from the city of Sharm El Sheikh.


SOHO Square™

Sharm El Sheikh brings a complete family entertainment centre to White  Knights Bay, Sharm El Sheikh - with a range of entertainment including restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs catering for tastes both young and old.

SOHO Square

St. Catherine's Monastery on Mount Sinai

A monastery built in honor of a famous early Christian martyer. The monastery built in the fourth century AD receives thousands of tourists every year and a climb to the top of Mount Sinai is an unforgettable experience.



A beautiful resort with  a complex of hotels and some antiquity locations for a day visit 210 Km from Sharm El Sheikh.

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